Why Snapchat – Blogging – Success Tips #104

Why Snapchat? You must have seen this yellow symbol all over the place in social media and you are probably thinking why Snapchat is all over the place? The main reason is that Snapchat has added some pretty interesting features that make it especially important for... read more

Being Determined – Health – Success Tips #103

Being Determined Are you being determined? What does it mean to be determined? I think it means that when you have something you want done, you don’t give up until you get it done. My Wife is Super Determined When she puts her mind to it, nothing stops her. Not... read more

How to record your desktop using OBS – Tutorial #1

Record Your Desktop Are you looking to record your desktop? Have you been looking for a tutorial on how to use OBS? A tutorial on using Open Broadcaster Studio? I put together this short tutorial, nothing perfect or fancy, just showing you how to do the basics. Enjoy.... read more

Create Family Time – Family – Success Tips #102

Create Family Time We all live a very busy life and it’s important to create family time even if you feel like you don’t have time. Remember that your family is more important that any job or business you may be working. For most everyone, and certainly... read more

Care About People – MLM – Success Tips #100

Care About People If you are going to be in any kind of business, especially MLM, you need to care about people. That is a struggle of many new network marketers because we are often loaners, we are people who see things differently than others so we tend to not be... read more

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I'm all about success. My life still needs lots of it but I think I've learned a lot over the years that may help others and here you'll find those tips. I have been in computers ever since high-school, discovered MLM in 1994, founded my own IT company in 1998 and discovered online branding in 2015. This has brought me to blogging and videoing today. My passion is helping others do the same and become successful. I am looking to help you generate online income too.

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