Sugar Pie Recipe

Sugar Pie Recipe

Sugar Pie Recipe (Tarte au sucre) This is definitely not a success tip, I just wanted to post my Sugar Pie recipe as many have asked about it since I posted all about it on my Snapchat account. It’s very simple and goes like this: Thaw 2 frozen pie shells (or...

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BooManager – Wealth – Success Tips #108

BooManager What is BooManager you may ask? It’s the newest and best Snapchat user management site! You can find thousands of friends (12000+ as of this writing) and there are 50 new users added each day! You can also be found and manage your Snapchat friends...

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Learn to Jog – Health – Success Tips #107

Learn to Jog I’ve been a jogger on and off for many years now. If you want to learn to jog, you need to first decide you want to, set yourself a goal and then make a plan to accomplish that goal. Sound familiar? That’s because it’s the same as any...

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About Jean-Serge

I'm the proud father of 4 girls and grand father of 4 grand kids as well! I've got a wonderful wife and a great job. My problem is that I've always tried to help others with things I've learned. I'm no expert of course, I don't have a fancy degree or anything, but I feel what others feel when they tell me about their problems and I just can't help but tell them about what I learned and how it helped me. I've been through difficult financial times, divorce and I moved 25 times. I was co-founder of a IT company in 1998 valued at $20 million at it's peek. I recently learned all about online branding and attraction marketing. I'm proud to be a Network Marketing Professional too. Let's find solutions to your problems together.


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