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BooManager – Wealth – Success Tips #108

BooManager What is BooManager you may ask? It’s the newest and best Snapchat user management site! You can find thousands of friends (12000+ as of this writing) and there are 50 new users added each day! You can also be found and manage your Snapchat friends...

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Learn to Jog – Health – Success Tips #107

Learn to Jog I’ve been a jogger on and off for many years now. If you want to learn to jog, you need to first decide you want to, set yourself a goal and then make a plan to accomplish that goal. Sound familiar? That’s because it’s the same as any...

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Why Snapchat – Blogging – Success Tips #104

Why Snapchat? You must have seen this yellow symbol all over the place in social media and you are probably thinking why Snapchat is all over the place? The main reason is that Snapchat has added some pretty interesting features that make it especially important for...

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Being Determined – Health – Success Tips #103

Being Determined Are you being determined? What does it mean to be determined? I think it means that when you have something you want done, you don’t give up until you get it done. My Wife is Super Determined When she puts her mind to it, nothing stops her. Not...

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How to record your desktop using OBS – Tutorial #1

Record Your Desktop Are you looking to record your desktop? Have you been looking for a tutorial on how to use OBS? A tutorial on using Open Broadcaster Studio? I put together this short tutorial, nothing perfect or fancy, just showing you how to do the basics. Enjoy....

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I'm the proud father of 4 girls and grand father of 4 grand kids as well! I've got a wonderful wife and a great job. My problem is that I've always tried to help others with things I've learned. I'm no expert of course, I don't have a fancy degree or anything, but I feel what others feel when they tell me about their problems and I just can't help but tell them about what I learned and how it helped me. I've been through difficult financial times, divorce and I moved 25 times. I was co-founder of a IT company in 1998 valued at $20 million at it's peek. I recently learned all about online branding and attraction marketing. I'm proud to be a Network Marketing Professional too. Let's find solutions to your problems together.


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