Father of 4. Grand father of 4! Husband to a wonderful wife. Helping busy parents with a home biz reach their dreams with bitcoins and online strategies.

Be Proactive – Wealth – Success Tips #92

Be Proactive To be proactive means to think ahead and do things that will make future tasks easier. This is one of the seven skills of highly effective people and it's all about planning and scheduling too.It's very important in business....

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Do The Presentation – MLM – Success Tips #90

Do The Presentation Most of you probably do not like to do the presentation and even if I thought I'd be good and presented to 100 people with zero interest, I stopped liking to do the presentation too! For great tips, look up Eric Worre,...

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Synergize – Wealth – Success Tips #88

Synergize What does it mean to Synergize you may ask. It's a pretty different word and we typically don't learn about it in school. It's about connecting things together to accomplish better results faster. It's also about working together...

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About Jean-Serge

I'm the proud father of 4 girls and grand father of 4 grand kids as well! I've got a wonderful wife and a great job. My problem is that I've always tried to help others with things I've learned. I'm no expert of course, I don't have a fancy degree or anything, but I feel what others feel when they tell me about their problems and I just can't help but tell them about what I learned and how it helped me. I've been through difficult financial times, divorce and I moved 25 times. I was co-founder of a IT company in 1998 valued at $20 million at it's peek. I recently learned all about online branding and attraction marketing. I'm proud to be a Network Marketing Professional too. Let's find solutions to your problems together.


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